UAE Tax Residency

Obtain your tax residency certificate in Dubai, UAE

Our firm, being fully licensed corporate service provider in the UAE, assists in receiving all types of permits and certificates including the UAE tax residency / domicile certificates companies as well as for physical persons.

Dubai provides multiple effective & simple ways to be granted a Tax Resident Status. Some are outlined below: 

  • Upon registration of a local company; 
  • By the purchase of immovable property in Dubai; 
  • And via an employment contract. 
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Dubai Tax Residency

Dubai is becoming more and more popular amongst businesspeople who seek to reside within a comfortable and business friendly environment and benefit from low tax payments. As it is well known, Dubai does not impose income and corporate tax. In fact, Dubai’s government does not impose taxation on the sale of property, income from capital, inheritance tax and many other taxes which other jurisdiction impose. 


Due to the above aforementioned, Dubai is one of the top tax havens in the world. Furthermore, private businesses also have the opportunity to upgrade their tax base at an international rank through international tax agreements. Finally, Dubai is not listed on the Black Offshore List of global organizations that battle against money laundering. 


Dubai Tax residence: Important advantages

Safe destination for residents and families; 

Comfortable living conditions for residents and families; 

High Education Level & Advanced Educational Institutions are available; 

All family members may be granted a Residence Visa; 

Having the Tax Resident status carries multiple tax benefits; 

A Tax Resident Status grants freedom of movement throughout the Persian Gulf States; 

Business progression & development. 


How to obtain a Dubai tax resident status

UAE Onshore companies can apply and obtain a Tax Residency Certificate as long as they meet all the requirements set by the UAE. 

The Ministry of Finance is the authority in the UAE that issues this type of certificates.

A Tax Residency Certificate can be provided to either the Corporate Entity or to An Individual (Owner of the corporate entity or employee of a UAE Company). 

UAE Tax Residency Requirements

A Tax Residency Certificate can be provided to either the Corporate Entity or to An Individual (Owner of the corporate entity or employee of a UAE Company). 

UAE tax residency certificates for corporate entities.

In order to obtain a Corporate Tax Residency Certificate, the below should be available:  

UAE tax residency certificates for individuals

In order to obtain a Personal Tax Residency Certificate, the below should be available: 

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